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Important Things to Consider When Starting a Ketogenic Diet It’s no surprise that people wanted to know what the best diet is or what they can do to lose weight faster. Most of these people have no idea what they are getting themselves into. John Hopkins Pediatric Epilepsy Center was the one who formulated the ketogenic diets in 1920. The diets were formulated to copy changes that occur in the body during periods of fasting like acidosis, ketosis and dehydration. It might be difficult for you if you are a meat lover since most of the diets promoted in the market demands you to consume more vegetables and take less meat. Thankfully, we now have what we call the ketogenic diet.
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First off, there are no carbs in a ketogenic diet. Now, without carbohydrates the body turn to burn fat as the primary energy source. With that said, the body taps into stored body fat for energy and we can become leaner.
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For starters, we know that energy will eventually be drained. The the absence of carbs means that our body won’t be able to know what energy source to consume for a few days and so our body becomes weak while we do workouts or until our system becomes adapted at consuming fats. While this is not bad, you must take note that the intensity of your training should be reduced. The next thing that you have to know about ketogenic diet for losing weight is that you need to eat more protein. We need to avoid losing muscle tissue since we don’t have carbs and carbs are protein sparing, thus, eating more protein is highly recommended. Therefore, servings of proteins should always be present in your meal. Modern research suggest that a rich in protein and low carb diet effectively promotes superior results for fat loss and can help an individual resolve metabolic blocks that can prevent fat loss. The ketogenic diet involves increasing protein intake while reducing carbs in order to maintain muscle mass. The dietary guidelines involve avoidance of foods that are rich in carbohydrates such as pasta, potatoes, rice, and bread – as well as simple carbs like fruit juice, sugar and honey. Go and start your ketogenic diet as this will help you burn fat faster without having more exercise. Take control of your body now and start using a ketogenic diet plan. Don’t forget to visit your physician first before start a ketogenic diet. With a good plan and your doctors approval you are off to a new you if you follow the correct Keto Diet. Don’t forget to record how much weight shed and keep in mind the foods that you should take or avoid. Going for a ketogenic diet plan can be hard during the first few days, however, that results are very effective.

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