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All About the Ketogenic Diet and the Best Products Available If you are a meat love but you need to lose some weight then you might find yourself confused as most available diets in the market limit the intake of meat because of its calories and high-fat content. With that being said, people who love meat can now lose weight – even if you eat bacon you’ll still achieve the same weight loss result. All thanks to a diet known as the ketogenic diet. Originally, the ketogenic diet was formulated for epileptic individuals but are now being used by people who wanted to lose weight. Due to technology, the market is now able to sell ketogenic products as well. A human needs to take higher amounts of carbohydrates in a normal diet as this acts as energy source for the body to be able to function well and take less fats as they are only stored in the body as a reserve for when the body needs to have more energy. As our human bodies need more energy from carbohydrates, it processes the food groups first and therefore one feels the urge to eat more after a while which is not so in the case of breaking down meals that are rich in fat content.
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The the theory is reversed when one takes the best ketogenic product out there. These ketogenic products trick the body into realizing that it has enough amount of glucose so that it would break down the fat first and eventually convert it into energy.
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Basically, all weight loss diets differ in terms of focus on their calorie reduction or manipulation of the consumption of one of the three important macronutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, or proteins to achieve the desired weight loss effects. The term ketogenic refers to the increase production of ketones which is occasioned by the increased rate of fat breakdown also known as lipolysis. Ketones are acidic byproducts formed from immediate breakdown of fat into fatty acids by the liver. John Hopkins Pediatric Epilepsy Center first developed ketogenic diets in 1920. The diets were designed to mimic acidosis, ketosis, and dehydration which occurred during periods of fasting. Ketosis is a very effective form of energy production which does not involve insulin production in the body, it burns fat deposits for energy. Ketogenic diets are formulated to initially force your body to exhaust its supply of glucose, switching to burning its fat deposits for energy. Because of the patented KetonX(TM) in Ketopia, your body will be in a state of ketosis for 1-2 hours instead of taking 2 weeks following a very difficult diet. If you notice on their website, their system is very easy to follow since they have eliminated the guesswork out of the equation.

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