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Some Products On Anti-Aging In the past years, supplements have earned the reputation among the market because of their anti-aging capabilities, but experts suggest that ibuprofen may be the latest medicinal breakthrough for anti-aging. You may click here on blogs that explain ibuprofen as a pain killer medicine, but some say that it can also be used to serve anti-aging benefits. Studies by scientists have revealed that doses of this medicine have extended the lifespans of insects such as fruit flies and worms. There is said to be a 15 percent increase in the life span of the insects and organisms used to test the painkiller medicine to them. Not only did the insects had longer lives, but they appeared healthier. These findings made them realize that the same painkiller medicine might be used to promote anti-aging as well. The study has brought a eureka moment that led scientists into thinking that ibuprofen can be used to serve anti-aging purposes as well. People are using this medicine all the time, so ibuprofen is regarded as a safe drug. The proponents of the study also believe there are other treatments available for study with regards to impacting life span.
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The study was a result of a partnership between a professor in biochemistry in a university and a biochemist working on baker’s yeast. The study incorporated flies and worms. A three-year study made, it also showed that ibuprofen had the ability to disrupt to production of yeast cells and their ability to make amino acids necessary to facilitate aging. These can be found in various diets.
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They are unsure why the medicine worked that way in terms of anti-aging and longevity, but they are administering more experiments. This, however, made possible the ability of marketed drugs such as painkillers to increase an organism’s life span. Therefore, it can also work best among people as experts suggest. Painkillers are classified as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that decrease fever and inflammation. These types of painkillers were created in England in the 1960s as a prescription medicine, but later became available over the counter in the 1980s. It is listed as one of the essential medicines in a basic health system. Despite being widely used, the downside of ibuprofen is having effects on the gastrointestinal tract that impedes digestion. The research is made possible by medical research foundations partnering with health institutes and national science foundation. Other products such as the human growth hormone can also help reverse the signs of aging and promote a longer life. There are human growth hormones that slow the aging process. If people do not like pills, spray versions of the hormones are also in the market.

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